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Futures Offer

Crucible 2007_FRONT

Clark’s ultra-premium
Bordeaux style
Cabernet Sauvignon.


  • 2005 Reserve Syrah – held for ten years in a single 20-year-old barrel.  
  • 2007 Lake Cty Cabernet Franc  – eight years of neutral French oak 
  • 2007 Russian River Pinot Noir – eight years of neutral French oak
  • 2013 St. Laurent  – a plush, dense, alluring Austrian variety   
  • 2014 Santa Cruz Mtn Grenache – packed with fruit and palate energy
  • 2007 Napa “Crucible” – Our best reserve Pauillac-style Cab Sauv.

We are offering futures prior to our December 1st release of six wines.

We Smiths offer you skillfully crafted wines which explore traditions outside the mainstream.

Our tiny production interests us in close personal relationships with a limited and knowledgeable clientele who are thirsty for a real connection. Our wine is our personal artisanal expression, not a commodity we mass market.

Our winemaking philosophy is aligned with the principles of Postmodern Winemaking. We are part of a worldwide courageous cadre of winemakers and growers around the world dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the Fabulous Fluid, each in her own way.

WineSmith specializes in California wines which harken to European style goals:  restrained alcohol, refined structure, soulful aromatics, graceful longevity, and mineral depth.  Many of our wines are not released until five or ten years after vintage.  We’re getting back to what the ancients knew: that living soil matters, that wine integrates its flavors through refined structure, that when it possesses a soul, wine is (as Ben Franklin observed) “proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Tasting is believing. Many California wineries try to “knock your socks off” with wine styles which eschew grace in favor of impact. Not us. After the first taste, you’ll probably remain fully clothed. But prepare to be sorry when it’s all gone.