2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (PennyFarthing)

Before it was taken from its cradle in France and raised in the New World as a muscular brute, Cabernet (in both its varietal manifestations) had aristocratic roots which obliged it to greatness by striving to inspire rather than to assault. Our winery’s notion of Cabernet Sauvignon aligns not with the fruitforward, fleshy style of Australia, but with the sinewy, deeply energetic offerings of Bordeaux.

This wine will not always show itself in precisely the same manner. We noted this trait at the winery, so it isn’t bottle variation nor is it a defect. Quite the contrary. Such capacity to reflect and transform its environment is a defining mark of nobility in fine wine.

The nose is defined around an aroma reminiscent of elderberry preserves, intriguingly consorted by scents of rosemary, cinnamon, and aromatic cedar. The balanced finesse one encounters in its structure possesses nevertheless a firm reductive strength which suggests longevity and invites the opportunity for bottle development. An atypically ample dose of Cabernet Franc imparts lively minerality to the finish which permits an energetic herbal spiciness to linger and enter into playful dialogue with other elements of your dinner.