2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

This perfect vintage allowed us to make another “real wine” with wonderfully density and stout but refined tannins. The structure and framework is firm, while the entry and mid-palate delight with a rich, generous base wine of soft round tannins and a sweet core of cassis.

Grapes picked at the peak of phenolic ripeness showcase the celebrated Peterson vineyard worked in harmony with the tiny berries of Tulucay Vineyard, which yield very low volumes of intensely tannic juice packed with blueberry aromas. Tulucay provides us with a Napa Cabernet of monstrous proportions when aged 37 months in the cellar, emerging in the best vintages as our $100 Crucible.

For the 2006, we found a small proportion was absolutely magical when blended with the Peterson, enhancing its structural framing and ageworthiness.

After an initial release in 2010, we elected to hold back six barrels for additional aging totaling 78 months in neutral cooperage, which greatly enhanced its complexity, adding elements of mysterious and intriguing “come hither” aromatics.


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750 ml