WineSmith 2013 Lost Chord Syrah

Our first experience with the Pierce family’s extraordinary Ishi Pishi vineyard near Hoopla in northern Humboldt County. Pat and Joachim Pierce are talented organic growers skilled in grapes and other crops. The vineyard is nestled in a sheltered clearing surrounded by forested mountains with a rich red clayey loam soil that produces full ripeness at low brix. Their skills and the site’s perfect characteristics produce wines of unrivaled density and integrity that preserve themselves without sulfites, and in time produce wines of astonishing complexity and depth that age well.

The enormous dimensions of this pure Syrah required 78 months in very old French oak to develop its indescribably profound aroma and soften its impossibly dense tannins.

Its soulful “come hither” derives from the weight and finesse of its tannins, which serve to integrate its aromatics into a resonant “single voice.” Nelson Eddy’s performance of Arthur Sullivan’s The Lost Chord is the best I can do to describe it. When our tiny production is gone, it may be that only in heaven may you behold its like. Here is Nelson Eddy's version:

The Lost Chord Video