2006 Meritage (Planet Pluto)

When scientists rejected planetary status for Pluto in 2003, we took exception. “Planet” is a very old term which means “wanderer,” thus any heavenly body which orbits the sun – is a planet! It doesn’t matter that Pluto doesn’t fall into the categories established for scientific theories of planetary formation. It’s still there, wandering around our solar system, and we can call it a planet if we want to -- it’s our language, not theirs!

Pluto’s failure to “clear its area” and instead to live in peace with its neighbors was another criterion which modern scientists used to demote it. This wine expresses universal harmony by marrying distinctive flavors which orbit your palate. We seek out growers from all over California who share our passion for growing wines of character and distinction. When their appellations aren’t currently in vogue, their prices are reasonable and sensible, and quality is earned rather than assumed.

To create for you a product that marries style and substance, we sought out internationally acclaimed artist Nancy Worthington, whose insightful and courageous art has attracted thoughtful connoisseurs the world over with a gravity all its own. The Planet Pluto re-rendering of a Hubble telescope image challenges us to reconciles science, tradition and our love for the ninth planet.

Planet Pluto Meritage boldly goes where no California wine has gone before. The blend consists of fruit from our network of excellent growers from many regions in California, all of whom we have worked with for many years. Here we tried to show how they could function as a team to produce wine of remarkable character and affordability.


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750 ml