2008 Pinot Noir

This wine’s story is quite unique. When the movie Sideways created an insane demand for California’s very limited supply of Pinot Nir, we went looking into previously unimagined sources such as the hard press “taille” from sparkling wine production. We discovered that a special crossflow filter called an ultrafilter could harvest the high tannin in these wines as a concentrate we could sell for beefing up weak reds, leaving us with aromatically wonderful Pinot Noir which then needed some color. In 2008 we bought hard press Pinot Noir from Sonoma County, Anderson Valley and Marin County and produced this blend. We found an aromatically neutral teinturier named Rubired in a Lodi vineyard and used it to supply the color and structure to support these aromatics.

We then barreled down in very old cooperage. We were fortunate to have an abundant supply of the previous vintage to allow us to hold this wine for an incredible one hundred and eleven. The result combines classic lavender and strawberry aromatics with soulful tertiary aromas of truffle oil and Asian spice which linger infinitely. Initially quite low in alcohol, its time in barrel elevated it to 13.5% through preferential evaporation of water in our dry California cellar.

Its considerable profundity and silky elegance is perfect for roast duck, quail or an elderly cheese. My cellar hands counsel us to serve this wine whenever romance needs a boost.

Gracious Living Video Mustard Caper Keto Chicken paired with 2008 Pinot Noir


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750 ml