2010 Petite Sirah (Diamond Ridge)

This wine is so amazing that sometimes we think we should just grow nothing but Petite Sirah. Although the wine has incredible color and density, the texture is surprisingly soft, round and feminine.

Altitude is good for this variety, which does not fare well in fog, as its thin skin and tightly packed clusters make it prone to rot. In many mountain sites, bright sunlight and water stress lead to extremely hardness, but our cooling afternoon “lake effect” develop and preserve an intense blueberry aroma and prevents field oxidation of anthocyanins, preserving an intense “Purple Haze” appearance.

Our east-faced plantings take advantage of morning sun to burn off any dew but also shelter the fruit from any raisining from the western sun. The cool 2010 vintage accentuated aromatic intensity, and we picked on October 20th, just before an eightday rainstorm.

The wine showed astonishing tannins and some reduction, so we employed micro-oxygenation to refine its tannins while carefully preserving its structure and depth of fruit. After seventeen months in neutral cooperage, a wine of tremendous richness and generosity came together, redolent with lavender and thyme, seemingly oozing blueberry aromas carried by deep, silky tannins and a long, vibrant finish.

Although quite age-worthy, this wine is guaranteed to put a smile on your face even now. Enjoyable with a wide variety of foods – steak, barbeque or a sharp, well-aged cheddar. Or you might just enjoy it “as dinner,” a satisfying meal in itself!


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750 ml