Dry Rosé (PennyFarthing)

This is not the pink sodapop embarrassment so aptly termed “blush.” In the French tradition, serious dry rosé is a byproduct of our Bordeaux-style red wine production. After crushing grapes for red wine, winemakers often draw off a portion of clear juice for rosé production in order to increase the skin-tojuice ratio, thus the color and tannin of the red. This lush, ripe juice needed some fresh energy, so we blended in 8% Sauvignon Musqué to enhance its aromatic freshness.

One is at first struck by berry-like perfume of its ripe Cab Sauv component, but after half a glass, the Cab Franc’s herbal elements and minerality assert its true function as a versatile food wine. This wine has incredibly broad appeal because it goes with everything and has “come hither” aromaticity, rich fruit and great balance. Even white Zin drinkers will love it, and won’t believe it has no sugar! You will find it goes deliciously with everything.

The American folly is to insist on drinking these wines too young. This one requires two years to be at its best. My dears, a vintage is not an expiration date. But since American shoppers insist on treating it as such, I have taken the vintage off the bottle entirely.


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750 ml