Dry Rosé (Two Jakes)

Every grower is a gambling man. We grow some of the best Merlot in California, but it always pays to hedge your bets. That’s why we developed our own brand featuring me and my Dad, Jake II with whom I built this vineyard from scratch in 1999. By eliminating the middle man, a grower-produced wine can provide a wonderful bargain.

At Diamond Ridge Vineyards, we don’t grow a single white grape. Instead, we produce this delicious dry pink wine from Merlot for when we want something cold and quaffable.

In France, consumption of dry rosés has surpassed white wine. That’s because they’re affordable and go deliciously with everything.

Two Jakes Dry Rosé is a fitting companion to our red blend. We bleed off this pink juice from our Merlot after a brief time on the skins. By increasing the ratio of skins to juice, we get more concentration of color and flavor for our red wine.

Quite rich in grenadine aromas, it possesses a natural fruit richness on the palate without any residual sugar. We blended in a small amount of Viognier to round out the tannins and give a kiss of peach in the nose.

You’ll find this the perfect choice to take when you don’t know what’s for dinner. It goes well with steak, fish, spicy oriental dishes or pizza, and is a great crowd pleaser for the Thanksgiving turkey.

You won’t need a corkscrew. But you might need two bottles.


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750 ml