WineSmith 2018 Norton

Although most wine experts confine their expertise to the European Vitis vinifera varieties, there are almost 100 other Vitis species, some of which make very good wine.

Dr. Norton was a 19th century breeder who crossed a wild Virginia Vitis aestivalis with an unknown parent to produce one of the most respected and widely produced reds in the U.S., with over 500 wineries offering examples.

Though rarely planted in California, Clarksburg’s long, warm summers are perfect for developing full ripe flavors and softening its considerable acidity. Its deep purple color, rich blueberry flavor and dense yet incredibly soft tannins have great curb appeal. This is Clark’s wife RuthE.’s favorite WineSmith offering.

Its dense, soft body owes to a high degree of unfermentable polysaccharides similar to the unfermentable starches in microbrew beer.

It’s good to be an American. Amaze your friends and strut with some barbeque. The color is a crazy deep shade of purple. Don’t get it on your clothes!

Gracious Living Video Delicious Polenta Fries paired with 2018 Norton